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We hope you are well, 

With half term here, we want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you! It's been a busy time and with a few more weeks of remote learning expected after the break, we wanted to look at ways to support you and your pupils. 
At the start of the year we opened access to our GoLive feature to help during remote learning. The free access to our GOLive feature was due to end today.

We've had some incredible feedback from schools using this feature to close gaps and support with remote learning. As a result, as a gesture of goodwill, the team at SATs Companion has decided to extend free access to GOLive for your school until the 8th March! 

All you have to do to secure further free access for your school, is the following...
If you ARE currently using GOLive, that's great, no need to do anything, simply continue using it!

If you have NOT yet accessed GOLive, please book into our short GOLive webinar training to secure free access until the 8th March.
GOLive Webinar Training
We hope our GoLive remote learning feature, will continue to help increase engagement with online lessons and close gaps in all topics! :) 

💡TIP: Whilst it can be used as a classroom tool, GoLive is also highly effective for remote learning. Use with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or Zoom to get real time feedback from your pupils! 

Here's a quick look into how GOLive works.. 

Want to remind yourself of how best to use SATs Companion for remote learning, independent practice or more...? 

Find out more by visiting our Knowledge Bank. Access 'How To' articles covering every aspect of using SATs Companion. 
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Pupil Feedback

We love hearing feedback from pupils. Here's a small selection of some of the feedback we've received from pupils in the last week.  
🌟🌟​Pupil Feedback of The Week🌟🌟​
🏆I like the goals and how they give you extra points. :)

📘I love the way SATs Companion sets out the topic

🚀There is so much different activities to do and it really helps a lot with improving my literacy

📺I love getting extra help from the videos

🏁I really like this app and I really enjoy racing to the top of the leader board.

How are you using SATs Companion?

If you'd like to share how you are using SATs Companion, our EdTech impact page is the perfect space to share your testimonial.  
Click here If you'd like to share your testimonial about using SATs Companion
We were recently listed as one of EdTech Impact's trending top three searched maths products 😊. 

Giving us your feedback is invaluable and helps us immensely. We'd love to hear about how you are using SATs Companion, whether that's alongside live teaching, for practice, catch up or more.
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